Right Weight Ice Cream 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes RWIC a good choice?
A: It offers an alternative to liquid nutritional products for those individuals in need of additional

Q: Who could actually benefit from a high calorie supplemental product?
A: Poor weight gain kids, picky eaters, seniors and high performance athletes in need of weight


Q: Why the concern with weight gain and maintenance when America is focused on weight loss?
A: Although obesity is a serious concern to many individuals due to the health risks posed, those
     those same risks affect individuals considered underweight.  
Q: What is the best way to ship RWIC?
A: Shipping is easy through UPS. Your product will arrive frozen and ready to enjoy.

Q: Why is RWIC not available in my favorite stores?
A: We are looking forward to becoming available in many of your favorite stores.

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